Seeking Guest Bloggers for the Kitten!

I am very excited to announce that The Menacing Kitten is now accepting submissions for guest bloggers!

You may have noticed that I have been posting a little less frequently as of late – unfortunately, my real-life job (the one that actually puts food on my table) is taking up quite a bit of time and energy due to a big database project.  As a result, I am struggling to write quality pieces on a regular basis.  This may very well create a “Virgin to Life” entry on its own, but if there is one thing I’ve learned since starting this blog, I’ve learned I don’t have to do it all on my own. Not only that, it provides me with a wonderful opportunity to promote great writers and other blogs.
Are you interested in sharing something for the kitten? Do you know anyone who is looking for a little extra exposure?  Here are my guidelines:

Please send all submissions to with the subject line starting with the word “SUBMISSION:” followed by your article topic or title.  This will help me separate spam from actual content.
Please paste your article in the body of your email OR provide a one paragraph summary with a link to the article.
Provide me with how you want your author credit to read (your name/handle/”Anonymous”), and if you have a blog and/or social media account (Twitter, Facebook fan page, etc.) you wish to promote.

Topic Suggestions / What I am looking for:
If you know my site, you’ll generally know what I enjoy posting here.  If you are looking for ideas, I am particularly interested in the following areas:

Op-Eds: Is there a news event in your area that has national implications? Is there a trend you want to comment on, or a story that has no clear answer? Do you have an insight or belief you don’t feel is adequately discussed in a civil matter in the media? (see Celebrity Deaths, When Republican Isn’t ConservativeThe Fine Line Between Self-Defense and Manslaughter)
Virgin to Life stories: Are you a good storyteller and want to share an event that changed your life? (see The Lying Liar, The Boob Tube, A Ghost in the Corporate Machine)
Food & Wine:  Do you want to celebrate regional cuisines or local vineyards, or provide wine tasting tutorials?
Entertainment: Do you have any personal top 5 or top 10 lists? (see Dig if U Will, Gimme Some Lovin’ ) Do you want to promote an up-and-coming band? Are you a musician or artist who has a unique and creative way to promote your work?
Humor: Do you have something funny to say about work or relationships? Or anything else for that matter? (see Learning How to Sleep with Someone, Does He Like You? A Junior High Guide, Email Hell)

I am truly excited about this, because there are subjects you can write about that I cannot.  There are stories in your life that are worth sharing with others, and I hope to help you do that.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Got any questions? Post below!

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