Arizona Restaurant Week: It’s Over, and I’m Stuffed.

Gluttony, thy name is Restaurant Week. In 1992, a New Yorker had a brilliant promotional idea – for one week, have the hottest restaurants offer inexpensive lunch menus to encourage people to try out different restaurants throughout the city.  The concept was such a hit, it soon evolved to include fixed price dinner menus and […]

Lean N’ Tasteless

Here at Menacing Kitten Headquarters, when we are not rolling around in money or laughing maniacally, we are taking lunch breaks.  To offset all of the Chocotinis consumed on Martini Mondays, we eat processed, frozen veganballs in fibersauce brought to you by companies with Healthy, Lean, Lite or Right in their names. These are the […]

Coal Burger

While In-N-Out and Five Guys are duking it out to be America’s favorite fast food chain, Coal Burger, a new “fast casual dining” concept, is quietly making its own statement in the latest Burger Wars.  Although they currently have three locations, I suspect their success will follow in the footsteps of their founder’s other restaurant chain, […]

Fashion Intervention Team!

Towards the end of spring semester of my freshman year at college, I learned an important lesson: when your life is falling apart, you need something simple and superficial to yank you out of your funk, even if it’s for only a day. Now realistically, life wasn’t really falling apart; my psyche was merely experiencing […]

Chocovine: Bringing New Meaning to “Chocoholic”

Earlier this year, we invited a few people over to serve a dual purpose: to celebrate Chris’ birthday, and to get rid of booze we’ve had for a long time.  Here’s the problem with a “help us get rid of our booze” party: you always wind up with more.  In our case, we wound up […]