How Tom & Jerry Made Me a Vengeful God

[Warning! Sailor-like language and imagery that may either upset children or give them a sense of the sweet, sweet taste of evil revenge.] There were a few cartoons in my childhood I watched religiously but hated the designated “good guys:” He-Man, She-Ra, Josie and the Pussycats, and Tom and Jerry all come to mind.  The […]

Tucson Bus System, Part 2: F-ing Red Robin

[Warning! I drop the F-bomb a few times in this due to quoting.  There is also some erm, more adult issues I mention in this. Sorry…it’s kind of unpleasant.  Normally I like to maintain a certain level of whimsy in this blog, but I now feel like I killed a unicorn and drank its blood. […]

Five Reasons Why I Don’t Deserve to Win Powerball

Quick note: I will continue with Part II of my Tucson Bus System story after the holidays.  There are parts of it that are quite unpleasant, and not exactly appropriate for this warm and fuzzy time of year. 1.     I would build a Situation Room I have long told Chris that if we ever move […]

The Tucson Bus System, Part I: O Holy Hurrff

[Warning! I curse a little bit in this]  Is that what I think it is? Oh God, it is!  Look away.  Don’t look.  Don’t look.  I can’t unsee it – *HURRFF!* Close your eyes and try to think of something other than the man who just got on the bus with the giant mustache covered […]

Don’t F* with Fudgie

[Warning: I drop an F-bomb once] “Oh my God; Carvel!  Carvel!  Carvel is here!” Chris raised an eyebrow at me, barely taking his eyes off the road.  “Okay…” “No, you don’t understand – Carvel!  Cookie Puss!  Fudgie the Whale!  Flying Saucers!  It’s here.”  As much as I loved living in the southwest, I occasionally missed […]