Le Nom Volume VI: Southern Comfort

A quick apology for the delay in posting.  Due to illness over the past several days (I was convinced it was Black Death, but it turns out it is just a bad sinus infection. Go figure), I’ve been somewhat incomprehensible and incredibly pathetic.  Well, more so than normal.  On both counts. I’m gradually getting back […]

Le Nom, Volume V: The Mexican Dinner Fiesta-Siesta

Growing up in Stamford, Connecticut, I equated the question “do you want Mexican?” with “do you want to go to Chi-Chi’s?”  Thankfully, after living in the southwest for roughly half my life, I’ve developed a bit more knowledge and appreciation for Mexican cuisine since then.  I’m not about to eat menudo or calf’s brains or […]

Le Nom, Volume III: A French Dinner Party

When life deals you lemons, throw them away and make cheese sauce.  This is the lesson I learned from this month’s Le Nom. Due to a few scheduling conflicts, we had a smaller group for this dinner party.  To make sure we continued with the tradition of having more food than anyone can possibly eat, […]

Le Nom, Volume II: A Polynesian Feast

After our successful Italian Dinner Party, we decided to go to the other side of the globe and try our hand at Polynesian cuisine.  Polynesia is a series of islands in the South Pacific that include Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, and all of those beachy places they use on Survivor.  It’s a beautiful part of the […]

Le Nom, Volume I: The Italian Dinner Party

One month after an inaugural meeting filled with friends, appetizers, wine, and …shots?? (how’d that happen??), we had our first official club dinner party.  I named the club “Le Nom,” not to be properly translated as “The Name,” but to be in the vein of “nomnomnomnom.”  As you can tell from my blog titles, I’m […]