Five Casual Arizona Eateries I’m Going to Miss and You’re Going to Love

Even though I’ll be moving to one of the great foodie cities of the world, I’ve always considered the dining options in the Phoenix area to be vastly underrated.  Not only can you find great Mexican food and steakhouses in the Valley of the Sun, there are endless restaurants featuring just about every cuisine you […]

Le Nom Volume VI: Southern Comfort

A quick apology for the delay in posting.  Due to illness over the past several days (I was convinced it was Black Death, but it turns out it is just a bad sinus infection. Go figure), I’ve been somewhat incomprehensible and incredibly pathetic.  Well, more so than normal.  On both counts. I’m gradually getting back […]

5 Foods I Want to Send Away to the Cornfield

(Except for corn because…mmm…corn…) Honeydew Melon Sometimes, I don’t want a side of chips.  Most of the time, I could also pass on the creamy potato or pasta salads.  Almost always I could really go for a fruit side; but whenever I see a fruit as an option? I pass.  Do you care to guess […]

Le Nom, Volume V: The Mexican Dinner Fiesta-Siesta

Growing up in Stamford, Connecticut, I equated the question “do you want Mexican?” with “do you want to go to Chi-Chi’s?”  Thankfully, after living in the southwest for roughly half my life, I’ve developed a bit more knowledge and appreciation for Mexican cuisine since then.  I’m not about to eat menudo or calf’s brains or […]

Le Nom, Volume III: A French Dinner Party

When life deals you lemons, throw them away and make cheese sauce.  This is the lesson I learned from this month’s Le Nom. Due to a few scheduling conflicts, we had a smaller group for this dinner party.  To make sure we continued with the tradition of having more food than anyone can possibly eat, […]

Arizona Restaurant Week Spring 2012 – My Recommendations

Arizona Restaurant Week Spring 2012 is almost upon us! As you know from my previous post on the matter, I am a huge fan of restaurant week.  Spring doesn’t have the same level of participation as the fall restaurant week, but there are still many excellent options to choose from. If you are new to […]

Le Nom, Volume II: A Polynesian Feast

After our successful Italian Dinner Party, we decided to go to the other side of the globe and try our hand at Polynesian cuisine.  Polynesia is a series of islands in the South Pacific that include Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, and all of those beachy places they use on Survivor.  It’s a beautiful part of the […]

Le Nom, Volume I: The Italian Dinner Party

One month after an inaugural meeting filled with friends, appetizers, wine, and …shots?? (how’d that happen??), we had our first official club dinner party.  I named the club “Le Nom,” not to be properly translated as “The Name,” but to be in the vein of “nomnomnomnom.”  As you can tell from my blog titles, I’m […]