A Few Words on Reactions to Celebrity Deaths…

[Originally posted on Feb 12, 2012. This was a somewhat viral post at the time, thanks to it being cross-posted on Jezebel. Re-reading it, I’m saddened thinking about what has since happened to her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, and I’m sad that nothing in internet posting has changed in four years. If anything, it’s gotten worse…] […]

Email Hell: Welcome to My Nightmare

If there’s one thing that drives me batty in my professional life, it’s receiving an excessive number of bad emails.  Life is short, my time is limited; please don’t make me sift through blank/vague subject lines or 10 MB emails that only have one record I need to view. While the vast majority of employees […]

Server Not Found: My Lord of the Flies Moment

You really don’t know how much you use something until it is suddenly and unexpectedly unavailable to you.  Like when your power goes out, and you’re like, oh, no TV! I’ll just go on the computer – d’oh, I CAN’T! Or, I’ll just cook something on the sto-DAMMIT! A while ago, we had one of […]